Element Checklist

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1. Complete Tear-Off & Clean-Up

Remove all roofing layers, clean gutters, and entire property

2. Secure Roof Foundation

Replace any damaged decking

3. Leak Barrier

Install a mineral-surfaced leak barrier in valleys, around chimneys, pipe boots, etc

4. Roof Deck Protection

Install standard 15-pd felt paper with plastic caps or staples

5. Pre-Cut Starter Strip Shingles

Install a pre-cut eave/rake starter strip shingle

6. Flashing Checked and Replaced

Chimney and siding flashing will be replaced as necessary

7. Quality Shingles

Install high quality 3-tab shingles, lifetime shingles, or designer lifetime shingles

8. Roof Protrusions

Remove and replace plumbing boots & check furnace vent stacks

9. Effective Attic Ventilation

Install premium rigid-style ventilation, box vents, or power roof ventilators

10. Roof Accessory Paint

Paint furnace vent stacks, PVC pipes, and flashing black