Fascia System

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Save future repair costs and prevent damage by protecting your home with Element Pros fascia systems.

Particularly in the Southeast, soffit and fascia play an important role in protecting homes against the elements in a climate that is all too well known for being tough on home exteriors. Fascia boards are the long, straight horizontal boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. Gutters attach to the fascia boards to capture the water that comes off the roof and to help divert it away from the foundation to prevent leaking.

Benefits of a fascia board

1.  Fascias are installed to give support to the eaves (bottom row of tiles).

2.  Provide a fixing point for the gutter and to help protect the timber rafter ends from the weather.

3.  Add a finished look to your roof and promote a healthy roof system.

4.  A well-ventilated fascia/soffit system prevents moisture from building up under the roof and in the attic.

5. A secure system keeps pests, like squirrels and bats, from nesting in the eaves.

Fascia boards are a more important part of the house than people realize, that most people don’t pay any attention to until it becomes acutely visible and an expensive problem to solve. Element Pros will replace damaged fascias boards providing protection, strength, and great accent to the roof line of your home.