Smaller debris has met it’s match. Or should we say ‘mesh’.

Our Micro-mesh Gutter Guards are constructed of a strong .024 gauge aluminum and stainless steel mesh. Our gutter protection is designed to protect your gutter system from clogging and can be installed three different ways to ensure a proper fit. Our screens also double as “flashing” to keep the rodents and squirrels out of your attic! Our screens completely close off your gutters and downspouts.

Installation options:


* Fascia and bracket installs require field manipulation


Xtreme Mesh 004 Xtreme Mesh 002 Xtreme Mesh 006

Our Micro-mesh Gutter Guards feature a patented hemming process that creates a smooth, tight surface. This guarantees that our mesh is always in contact with the aluminum guard structure and is strong enough to handle years of weathering.

Our competitors use glue or crimping methods to attach mesh to their guard structure. With glued or crimped mesh, debris will stick to this rough edge while debris simply blows off of our Micro-mesh Gutter Guards smooth seam.





Eliminates Cleaning


Sand & Grit Defense


Debris Defense


Water Filter