Honey-Do List

Honey-Do List

Summer is a perfect time to tackle your Honey-Do List! From lawn care and landscaping to servicing the exterior of your home we’re sure there are a tons of things that need to be done in and around your home. Element Pros is here to help, while we don’t want to add to your work load, we know that now is the best time to service your home. Below is our Element Checklist to assist with your roofing needs!


1. Mornings are the best for working on your roof.
2. Look for dents, cracks, and/or blisters in your shingles.
3. Check all of your gutters and downspouts making sure they are free of blockages and debris. If you notice granules (little rocks from your shingles) in your gutters you may have encountered roof damage.

Preventive Actions

1. Trim any branches hanging or resting on your roof. Branches provide a bridge for small animals and pets to access your roof. They also can tear, dent, or damage your roof during heavy wind or storms.
2. Remove any debris on your roof. If you notice moss or algae you may need to give Element Pros a call for a roof cleaning. Moss can be swept off of your roof while it’s, but may leave a dark stain from the accumulation of moisture and dirt. Algae and other elements growing on your roof may require the attention of a professional.
3. Insure that your gutters are properly attached to your roof. A loose or unattached gutter can be a gathering area for water and other elements to enter your home.

NOTE:: Element Pros recommends you hire a professional to clean your roof. We NEVER pressure wash your roof. It can remove granules from asphalt shingles, exposing the shingle to the sun’s UV rays causing the premature aging of your roof. Instead our professionals use a low pressure, landscape safe cleaning solution to properly clean your roof, restoring it to it’s former glory.

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