Residential Roofing

Element Pros Roofing & Renovations is proficient in residential roofing. Having built a reputation as the leading provider of premium residential roofing services by hundreds of our satisfied customers. Our team of certified roofing specialist has over 7 years experience.

Roofing Services

  • Slate Roofing
  • Composition Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Synthetic Slate/Tile Roofing
  • Wood Shake Roofings
  • Metal Roofing
  • Low-Slope “Flat” Residential Roofing

Other Services

Roof Replacement

Your roof is one of the single most important parts of your homes structure. Providing protection from not only weather such as rain, but also heat, sunlight and wind. Roof replacement is a major investment. When the damage to your roof has gone beyond repair, maximize your investment with an Element Pro.

Shingle Colors

Shingles are available in a variety of patterns, textures and colors adding to your homes aesthetic. Element Pros is a certified GAF installer, North America’s largest manufacturer of residential roofing shingles.

Roof Repairs

When shingles are exposed to the elements natural weathering may occur. Shingles age as they bake in the sun sometimes resulting in a leak in your roof, which can lead to catastrophic damage. Element Pros is certified in Damage Assessment, with a vast knowledge in weathering, hail & wind damage, and mechanical damage; our team will locate damage and repair roof leaks. Element Pros understand the importance of aesthetics and will match your current roofing materials for a seamless and professional replacement.

Roof Shingles

Shingles are an overlapping roof covering made of various materials such as wood, slate, metal, stone, or a composite material such as asphalt. Roof Shingles are almost always highly visible, making them an important aspect of your homes aesthetics. Shingle selections are available with patterns, textures, and colors differing. All shingles are installed from the bottom upward beginning with a starter course and the edge seams offset to avoid leaks.

Soffit System

Many older homes in the US were built with solid wood soffits. These wooden surfaces can inhibit the flow of air into the attic space. Element Pros will install new plywood for the soffits as well as a continuous intake vent providing cross ventilation for attic spaces.

Gutter Guard System Installation

Gutters are an important part of your roofing system helping to direct water away from the foundation of your home and protect against water damage. Getting your roof replaced is a great time to consider installing new gutters. Element Pros provides full gutter system installation with RHINO GUTTER GUARD a stainless steel micro-mesh over expanded aluminum; preventing all debris from entering the gutter system.

Fascia System

Fascias are the trim boards at the top of the outside walls of a house. Eaves fascias, the horizontal fascias are vulnerable to decay over time or if your roof is poorly constructed. Element Pros will replace damaged fascias boards providing protection and great accent to the roof line of your home.