Roof Cleaning

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Are you tired of those ugly roof stains on your house?

Build up from algae, moss, lichen and other elements on your roof will shorten its life expectancy leading to an early roof replacement. With a proper Roof Cleaning we can help extend the duration of your roofs ability to function. Roof stains and streaking are developed from a hardy form of algae that thrives on asphalt shingles. Over time, permanent damage can be caused by the algae taking root to the shingles, loosening the granules that protect and color your roof!




Roof Cleaning Without Harmful Power Washing


Element Pros uses a soft chemical wash to remove the algae staining and streaking. Our restoration process is approved by roofing manufacturers,  and will not void your warranty or damage your shingles in any way- unlike pressure washing used by our competitors. Your roof is delicate and the pressure from water can worsen its condition. Our solution is simple, Eco-friendly, safe, affordable and can be completed in just a few hours. Fifty percent of Roofs are needlessly replaced due to appearance.

Benefits Of Cleaning

A Clean Roof Increases your property value
A Clean Roof Increases your curb appeal

A Clean Roof Increases your roofs life expectancy
A Clean Roof Decreases your cooling cost

A Clean Roof Decreases your future roof repairing cost