Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

Roofing material variable and your particular situation will ultimately help decide, when to repair or replace your roof. Here are a few helpful questions and tips to assist with your decision.

How old is your roof?

Most commonly residential roofing materials last around 20 years, depending on weather conditions and climate.

Is your roof past its 20th birthday?

When to Repair your Roof:
If you are experiencing a leak in your roof.
If you see water spots on a ceiling tile.
If there is a leak after a rain that is limited to an easily identifiable area.
When you can see an area where a shingle or a few shingles are missing.
Recent high winds or hail have caused minor visual damage.
Your financial situation necessitates repair over replacement.

When to Replace your Roof
If  you are experiencing several leaks.
If you are seeing water stains on ceiling tiles in multiple areas or rooms.
If the leaks seem to be over a widespread area.
If you lose shingles or roofing materials after high winds.
If shingles have curling corners and don’t seem to be lying flat.
If roofing materials appear to be chipped, cracked or have pieces broken off.
If storm damage makes it possible the cost will be covered by insurance.
If you want to add curb appeal and value to your home.


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