Roof Repair

roof repair

When shingles are exposed to the elements natural weathering may occur. Shingles age as they bake in the sun sometimes resulting in a leak in your roof, which can lead to catastrophic damage. Element Pros is certified in Damage Assessment, with a vast knowledge in weathering, hail & wind damage, and mechanical damage; our team will locate damage and repair roof leaks. Element Pros understand the importance of aesthetics and will match your current roofing materials for a seamless and professional replacement.

Water Damage? Time for a Roof Repair!

Water damaged shingles

Even the smallest leak can cause major damage to the integrity of your roof. A little water can cause big problems and the trouble may extend farther than what you can see. If there is a leak in the roof of your home or business, we will be able to find it and fix it with superior workmanship and materials.

Element Pros Roofing & Renovations can repair roofs and fix roof leaks on most roof types. Often the cause of roof leaks may be one of the following items:

Toe board holes
Missing shingles
Cracked pipe boots or plumbing boots
Defective or missing wall flashing
Defective or missing chimney flashing
Incorrectly installed or broken gutters
Nail pops
Low slope roofs

Your repair could be covered by your insurance company, we would be happy to work with your insurer to get the job done right.

If you have existing damage or if it’s been a while since your last inspection, it is important you have a roofing expert take a look at what is going on with your roof. Call us today to schedule a free roof analysis for your home!