Soffit System

soffit element pros

Save energy costs and prevent damage  by protecting your home with Element Pros soffit systems.

Soffit is what forms the flat area under the eaves, bridging the gap between the siding and roof-lines. It provides vital ventilation to and from the attic as well as protection from weather.

Benefits of vented soffit

Soffit provides vital ventilation to and from your attic. This ventilation is necessary because it:

1. Can help save energy costs. The proper balance of soffit and roof ventilation improves the comfort level inside the house by preventing heat buildup in the attic and keeping air conditioning costs to a minimum.

2. Helps roofing materials last longer

3. Prevents moisture buildup in the winter, which means less likelihood of mold, mildew, wood rot and poor indoor air quality. It also  helps to fight the formation of ice dams, large groups of icicles hanging from your roof line, which can damage your roof or gutters and cause indoor water leaks.

4. Prevents damage to personal items stored in the attic.

3. Is required by most shingle manufacturers to validate the full terms of the shingle warranty.

Fresh air flows in through the soffit vents while stale air flows out through vents in the roof. Element Pros will install new plywood for the soffits as well as a continuous intake vent providing cross ventilation for attic spaces.