Summer Home-Sale Checklist

Summer Home-Sale Checklist

If You Must Sell Your Home During the Summer here are a few tips to consider.

Selling your home during the summer is not an easy task there is travel, heat and plenty of other fun things to worry about. If you must sale your home this summer here is our head to toe checklist to improve value, curb appeal and ultimately assist in getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re a new flipper or an experienced carpenter you always want to save a few dollars on improvements during a sale. Ultimately we want to help save you time and money with a four point checklist for the exterior of your home.

  • Head- Roof
  • Shoulders – Siding
  • Knees – Foundation
  • Toes – Lawn
  • Roof- The roof of your home can often be seen from miles away. Washing your roof can be an easy fix if it is ugly and dirty. Considering a roof cleaning service with low pressure to assist with your roofs appearance.

    Siding- Walk around your home and check siding for cracks, paint chips, or dirt. The siding says a lot about the care of the home. Much like your roof, a fresh summer wash to your siding is always an added bonus. This process can be done during your roof cleaning session.

    Foundation – Check your foundation on a rainy day. Look for cracks and/or improper water drainage around your home.

    Lawn – Everything grows faster during the summer, if your mission is to sell, mow your lawn twice a week on the diagonal to add dimension!


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